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Monday May 1st

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Write summaries of your group’s work.  Email them to JD.
For Wednesday: have a digital copy of your Paper #3 available to post (flashdrive, laptop, Google Drive, etc.), along with your abstract from last Friday.

(4/21) Discussion- Summarizing

Today’s music 

Today’s activity: Summarizing.

Paper #3

What does it mean to summarize something?

Summarizing key words:

  • Main idea
  • Argument
  • Miniaturizing
  • Selection/deletion- evaluation
  • Background
  • Paraphrase
  • Note taking

Advertisement A

Advertisement B

Advertisement C

For each: What are the main arguments the ad attempts to convey?

How does the spoken dialogue convey these messages?

How do visual images convey these messages?

White a one-paragraph summary of  the advertisement’s content, message, and method.


Friday freewrite: What have I learned this semester?

Collect paper drafts

(4/18)- In-Class Essay Strategies

Today’s tunes: Wun Two’s “Jungle.”

See: CPN-101 In-Class Essays Powerpoint

In-class essay strategies: The writing process.

Remember, you have 50 minutes to write this essay.

(1) Brainstorm ideas of topics to possibly write on and cover in your essay

(2) Outline/organize essay

(3) Essay expectations

(2) Time management

(5) Answer the question

Friday: First draft of Paper #3 is due on Friday.  Next Wednesday we’ll write this in-class essay.